Welcome to Vedanta

Vedanta Labs’ toxicology testing and quality assurance programs exceed industry guidelines and expectations. Our lab experts are trained on precision in our state of the art laboratory equipped with the latest technology the UA industry has to offer. We pride ourselves on providing clinicians with accurate toxicology results in a timely manner through a more personalized and direct communication system. Vedanta is here to serve clinicians and healthcare facilities alike that prioritize the well-being of a valued life. The information we provide aids everyone involved in the treatment process.

Vedanta’s goals include:

  1. Completing precise drug evaluations to produce accurate results
  2. Delivering results in a timely manner
  3. Addressing any inquiries our healthcare clients might have along the way

Drug testing plays an important role in modern healthcare. Along with its great capacity to trace a wide array of substances in patients, it can also be used during primary treatment to monitor administered medications with addictive potential while still managing pain and other health concerns in an appropriate manner.

It is important for clinicians to have a collaborative relationship with experts in toxicology. While data does not lie, different assessments can bring up the occasional need for clarification or consultation. This is an area that Vedanta excels in. We employ a supportive staff that cares about accuracy and clients’ satisfaction above all.


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Customer Support

The only way to give out the most specific and specialized information is by establishing a professional relationship based on open communication. Unlike other alternatives, we at Vedanta ensure that our clients will never be out of the loop. Every step of the screening process is both documented and available for authorized personnel to review. Our quality consultants are also friendly and well-versed in the various topics of clinical/chemical analysis. Get to know us as we learn more about you and your needs for chemical analysis.

Quick inquiry form

The form below allows anyone interested in Vedanta and our services to contact us directly. Every question or concern will be addressed by our group of representatives. Regardless of the size or severity, contact our team via email at info@vedantalabs.com

Why Choose vedanta ?

Industry-leading technology

All of the technologically advanced tools and methodologies of this laboratory are utilized in a comprehensive manner. Every aspect of our work environment is at our disposal for an extensive array of assessments. We employ a combination of industry standards and the latest innovations to accomplish the task at hand, including Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS), MassHunter Qualitative Analysis and an extensive, comprehensive test menu.

Real time Clinical Results

After an order for a test is made, our trusted team of technicians starts processing your needs immediately. In addition to expediency, Vedanta balances its pace with fine attention to detail. Our comprehensive and comparative reports break down a client’s sample into its exact analytes and metabolytes. On top of that, we also utilize the cloud-based LabNexus, which allows clinicians to view the status of their orders and results instantaneously from anywhere.

Leadership in Compliance and Ethics

Vedanta is a new name in the medical field, but its founding staff is seasoned and accredited in the practice of toxicology testing. These professionals aim to maintain their trusted reputations by adhering to ethical guidelines that exceed industry expectations. We strictly follow the regulations of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) while still achieving our goals of effectiveness and efficiency.