CGM LabNexus is a web outreach connectivity solution, specifically designed to speed up the process of receiving orders and delivering results to providers. LabNexus attempts to simplify the way hospital and reference laboratories share data with clients, providing boundless opportunities to grow. Connectivity to the providers served is available via two platforms with LabNexus, a web portal and direct interfaces to providers’ EHRs.

Through LabNexus, you/clinicians are provided easy access to view patient test results and order panels directly in the Inbox. This will save you the time of printing results and coordinating with several people, which will only slow down the process of treating your patient.

Flags are displayed at both the order level and panel level to highlight any existing inconsistent results. There is a hierarchy defined for orders that contain one or more inconsistent test results for flags displayed at the order level in an attempt to quickly communicate information to you. Distinguishing inconsistent results is particularly important as they identify presence of any other drugs in the system and better guide the clinician in prescribing the best-suited medication for their patients.

This allows users to easily access all information in one spot including the patient’s name or patient ID, insurance information, emergency contact, order history and much more.

We are highly understanding and appreciative of the time-sensitive dynamics of clinical intelligence. LabNexus is our attempt to make this process even more convenient for you and your patients.

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